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Improving Your Home One Step at a Time


Look at how Luxury Vinyl Treads can transform your stairs

Luxury Vinyl Treads provides seamless stair covers from various Luxury Vinyl Flooring brands. Unlike other stair coverings, ours will match your floors perfectly. This is because our service makes the stair noses out of the Luxury Vinyl Flooring itself with our patented processes.


How Luxury Vinyl Treads makes perfectly matching stair noses for each of their customers

Step 1.

Check out our "Products" page to find the Stair noses that match your floors

Step 2.

Place your order in our easy to use check out

Step 3.

We order in the flooring planks from the manufacturer that matches your selection

Step 4.

We put the planks through our patented proprietary processes to make the perfect stair noses that match your floors perfectly

Step 5.

We then ship the finished product out to you

Step 6.

Your stair noses are ready to be installed. Be sure to take a look at our installation page for more details

Luxury Vinyl Treads

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